Our graduates are our best representatives. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve said of their experience.

Audire es una invitación al encuentro con lo divino. Es una de esas citas de fin de semana que anhelas llegue rápido. Es en el descubrir y ejercitar ese llamado al diálogo espiritual, la atenta escucha y la indispensable vida en comunidad que Audire abre sus brazos en una bienvenida sonriente para quienes vamos por más. Si deseas ejercitar tu llamado y don a la Dirección Espiritual no dejaré de repetirte que tienes que venir a Audire. De seguro te darán la misma bienvenida, cuidarán y apreciarán la cultura y el trasfondo que traes y te entrenarán en el arte y llamado de la Dirección Espiritual. Así lo hicieron conmigo. Te repito, tienes que venir a Audire.


Audire me ha ayudado a crecer personalmente y ser mas consiente en reconocer la presencia de Dios en toda situación. Este programa me ha equipado para seguir un camino continuo de crecimiento personal, y ha reconocer la presencia de Dios en otros. El participar de este programa fue un regalo muy grande, un regalo que no tiene fin. Este programa me ha ayudado ha escuchar y dar voz a la presencia de Dios en la vida y experiencia de otras personas.


Audire challenges your preconceptions of what it means to listen, to be attentive, and to be present to those who seek a greater relationship with the Divine. I continue to be amazed at the spiritual transformation that one experiences through the Audire program and continue to extend the hand of spiritual friendship to those in need through spiritual direction, hospice, and hospital chaplaincy.


As a spiritual director transplanted to Central Florida from Alaska, Audire has been a  providential wellspring of spiritual community that has grounded my life. Through Audire, I found my own spiritual director, have attended several annual retreats, and experienced the six-month Personal Spiritual Deepening Program. The first time I walked the grounds at San Pedro, I knew Audire and San Pedro were soul friends.


Audire helped me to be present to God by being present to myself. As I began listening to my life, I experienced and spiritually grew from the Inner Teacher of God’s presence and love through faculty, peers, and reflection as we “tended the Holy” together in theory and practice. I highly recommend this experience in spiritual growth in one’s “holy longing,” whether or not it leads to becoming a spiritual director.


Audire opened up for me a whole new understanding of God—a new aspect of relationship with God. I find it an honor filled with wonder to watch how God works in the life of another person, how God “shows up” during a direction session. What I learned at Audire has also helped me develop short contemplative presentations and daylong retreats, filling a need in my local parish.


Six years after completing Audire, I found myself yearning for a safe place to continue to deepen my relationship with Spirit. The skilled and compassionate facilitators of the Personal Spiritual Deepening Program quickly established a safe place for our souls to hear each other deeply and, in this process, to deepen our relationship to our own experience of Creator. It’s an inclusive program with great content. Almost 2 years later, I continue to mine the depths discovered in this program.


I use my training to this day—especially in the workplace. As a compassionate listener, I have the privilege of serving many who simply need someone to deeply listen to them. Audire was one of my best decisions.


When I found the Audire program, I felt like I’d come home. Here I found a language and vocation for the way God created me to serve the world. I’m thankful for the seasoned, intentional, supportive training I received from the very capable faculty.