Do others seek you out for guidance, a listening ear, or counsel?

Do you notice a growing desire to help others go deeper in their spiritual lives?

These might be invitations of a call to the ministry of spiritual direction. Our 3-year training program will assist you in the discernment of your call, the deepening of your spiritual life, and the practice of holy listening.

Unfamiliar with the concept of spiritual direction? This centuries-old ministry dates back to the desert fathers and mothers of the Christian tradition and could be called simply a ministry of listening. (This is why we’ve named our program Audire, which is the Latin word for “listen.”) Many who come to our program are new to the language of spiritual direction but have been practicing some form of listening in an informal way for some time.

Through the Audire program, you will join a long line of contemplative listeners who have helped others notice the movement of God and the invitations of the holy in their lives.

Our program offers you:

  • Monthly instructional classroom training
  • Twice-yearly contemplative retreats
  • A 2-year supervised internship
  • Monthly peer supervision groups
  • Reading assignments
  • Written reflective papers

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